If you are considering a single mastectomy, double mastectomy or other breast enhancement surgery, the Intuition Recovery Bra® and accessories, including the Velcro attachable drain pouches, will make your recovery more comfortable.

Following your breast augmentation surgery, you may benefit from the use of temporary drains from the surgical site to remove excess fluid and further promote your healing and overall recovery process. doveink’s drain pouches are the only ones that attach around the entire inner lining of the bra. This advanced design feature gives you more comfort and flexibility while wearing your Intuition Recovery Bra®. The drain pouches can be attached to the inside of the bra to prevent from tugging and keep unsightly drainage out of view.

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*Limit of Liability: doveink®, llc is not liable for any incidental or consequential damages resulting from misuse of the Intuition® Recovery Bra and accessories.