Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 Size 4 Size 5
Measurement in inches 26-28" < 28-30" < 30-32" < 32-34" < 34-36"

Measure 3 inches (roughly 3 fingers) below your under bust for the full circumference of your rib cage. Use your measurement and the chart above to get your estimated Intuition® Recovery Bra size.

Please visit our Videos Page to view our How to Measure instructional video. 

Sizing Disclaimer:
The Intuition® Recovery Bra sizing is flexible and can be at your physician's discretion. If less compression is desired, go up a size and use two-way adjustments to fit. Sizes determined by using the doveink chart are approximate. Individual sizes may vary. 

Zipper Disclaimer: 
When Using the Intuition® Recovery Bra please use extra caution when zipping your garment. Do not attempt to force the zipper in any direction. maintain a proper hold on the bottomof the bra while you gently work the zipper up. This will alleviate tension that is placed on the zipper due to the compression of the garment. 

*Limit of Liability: doveink®, llc is not liable for any incidental or consequential damages resulting from misuse of the Intuition® Recovery Bra and accessories.