Supporting a Comfortable Recovery
from Breast Augmentation or Mastectomy Surgery

A Bra and Compatible Accessories Designed by Women Who are Also Surgical Professionals

The Intuition Recovery Bra® is one of the most important post-op recovery items you will need following your breast augmentation (breast reduction/breast lift) mastectomy or breast cancer surgery. It was designed by two healthcare professionals who were dissatisfied with their own recovery process. Dovie McVean and Inka Stanton, founded doveink, a company devoted to developing products that addresses the major concerns women face after breast surgery

If are you are talking to your doctor about a breast procedure or considering a breast enhancement or other breast augmentation surgery, get prepared for the recovery process. Following surgery, patients may experience mid-back pain, nipple sensitivity, swelling, sensitive incisions, and functional upper extremity limitations. Drainage from the surgical site is a normal part of the recovery process and it is not uncommon for your doctor to have temporary drains placed to help. Despite all of the post-op aches, pain and tenderness, the remarkable design features of the Intuition Recovery Bra® and its complimenting line of accessories will help you heal in comfort.

Innovative design features of the Intuition Recovery Bra® include:

  • Full back coverage provides support and reduces mid and upper back discomfort and pain
  • Adjustable straps that provide a customizable fit as swelling decreases. This feature also saves you money by not having to purchase a second bra
  • Soft lower band sits lower than the common bra, so the bra does not sit on the incisions
  • Seamless inner lining construction will not rub on any incisions
  • Front closure zipper feature helps you get into the bra easily without having to lift your arms up
  • Breathable inner liner keeps you cool while also accommodating other important Intuition accessories
  • Durable construction holds its shape
  • Soft and comfortable, wire-free and latex free

This doveink product is Patent-Pending, made in America and has been Dermatologist tested. Lining is FDA approved.

The price of breast augmentations can significantly increase when you add up your post op accessories. Dovie and Inka spent hundreds of dollars during their own breast augmentation recovery for bras and accessories to help them heal in comfort, but with only limited success. From that experience, you now have a better way to heal. The Intuition Recovery Bra®, offers superior comfort through its advanced design and quality construction. So if you have made the decision to have breast reduction, lift, or mastectomy surgery, make sure you have the ultimate post op bra on the market, the Intuition Recovery Bra®, ready to support your recovery and heal in comfort.

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